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    Healthy affordable snacks for Indonesia’s lower income market

    The Dutch company Verplancke BV and the Indonesian company PT Global established a joint venture and are setting up a ISO22000 certified pretzel factory in Bogor Indonesia that will produce pretzel products according the HACCP food safety standards. This in order to ensure that food is safe at the time of human consumption.

    Pretzels a will be developed with wholegrain flour. For seasoning and coating natural flavours will be used like spices, herbs, sesame seeds and chocolate.

    Complying with international trade standards is a problem for most local manufacturers in Indonesia. Therefore this project will have an international competitive advantage.

    The global pretzel market has grown in recent years because pretzels are considered a more healthy, fat-free snack and free of additives. No pretzels were produced yet in Indonesia. A small amount of pretzels is imported and sold in the upper market segment, mostly through supermarkets, for high prices and not affordable for the lower and middle income. By setting up the new production facilities these consumers on Java and Bali can also be served.

    A big challenge for the partners is in the field of packaging since throwing away the packaging is a common thing in Indonesia. To prevent a negative environmental impact of the waste of packaging, the company uses biodegradable packaging for the pretzels and want to make a trend for healthier products and friendlier packaging.

    The company will recruit and train a total number of 65 employees.

    Together with the project partners Terwel has formulated the project and we will continue helping to expand the availability of the pretzels in Indonesia gradually by identifying follow-up investments.


    August 14, 2016