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    Al Hayat Hospital for gastroenterology

    A new hospital was set up in Sheberghan, Afghanistan by Bashir Nezami who is the owner of Privazorg Maastricht and born and raised in Afghanistan. The hospital provides specialised gastroenterological health care, with modern medical equipment, a highly trained medical staff and with a telemedicine cooperation with a hospital in Bangalore. Mr Nezami’s goal is to improve Afghanistan’s health care.

    The demand for healthcare is big and the supply of high quality healthcare is low. Modern techniques are hardly available.
    Besides locals, there are many people from neighbouring cities and counties that come to Sheberghan for health care. (112,000)
    Every week many flights go to India and a stunning 80% of the travellers goes out for medical care. Around 1.000 patients every week travel to India for complex medical care. Many more persons looking for medical care travel from the Northern regions of Afghanistan to Pakistan by car.

    To make this new hospital a success, the partners needed knowledge in the field of specialized medical care, nursing care, lab tests, medical equipment, administration and organisation management and financial management. New experienced and qualified staff was needed. Doctors from Afghanistan will receive training in the Narayana Health Centre in Bangalore and medical training in the Netherlands.

    The hospital expects to treat per month 2.000 patient each receiving different medical services ranging from only consultation with the doctor, several tests, and lab blood research to diagnostic endoscopy or therapeutic colonoscopy and surgery.
    Treatment of cancer, one of diseases found in digestive system, is not possible in Afghanistan. No hospital in Afghanistan is able to offer chemo radiation therapy. Nevertheless, through endoscopies, endoscopy ultrasound, biopsies, needle biopsy and cytology, and physical examination the new hospital will be able to clearly diagnose cancer.
    The hospital is aiming to fill 30% of the positions with women. It is very hard to find women for the specialists positions as for long time women were not allowed to be educated.

    Other companies in the medical sector benefit from the new hospital as it sets an example for profitable medical service business based on high quality service standards in Afghanistan. In other words the new hospital will prove that it is possible to run a medical service company profitably by focussing on proper management, transparent operations, clear pricing system, and fair and strict working policies. Terwel BV assisted the partners to develop the project proposal and business plan and continues to be involved in the project’s implementation.


    August 14, 2016