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    Organic Ventures


    Organic Ventures is a dedicated program powered by Terwel BV with a focus on advising and acquiring financing for organic business in food or agriculture. This sector is rapidly growing globally, but when it comes to organic agribusiness one of the largest hurdles for many is financing.

    From our own experience in organic growing, processing and trading we know that especially in emerging markets access to credit and other financial services is more restricted in organic food and agriculture than in other sectors of the economy. Some of the most commonly identified barriers that limit the financing are:

    • Numerous challenges due to the three-year organic transition period, including need for capital investment, high operating costs, risk management, and regulatory compliance costs
    • The cost and lack of accessibility of credit due to high perceived levels of risk and inaccurate perception of organic agribusiness by commercial banks
    • Organic certification requires investments in long-term soil health and land management and new production practices
    • Invest in long-term capital for producers such as machinery and infrastructure without short-term returns



    Organic Ventures aims to help enterprises to overcome these difficulties. We have in-depth knowledge of funding instruments and will identify adequate options that may apply in your case:

    • Grant financing
    • Funding debt
    • Equity
    • Grants for feasibility studies and technical assistance programmes


    Our business development team is happy to hear about your ambitions in organic food or agriculture and determine the best actions for your business. If you want to explore possibilities, please contact us.