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    Here are some of the projects Terwel conducted in Moldova.

    Cash counting company

    Through the matchmaking facility offered by Terwel, Cortex and Media Security SRL created a partnership with the aim of investing in a cash counting centre to be established in Moldova. The new cash counting company will contribute positively to the development of the financial sector in Moldova. Both partners decided to create a joint venture to reach their goal. For Duth headquartered Cortex, Moldova is an interesting location as it is close to upcoming markets in Eastern Europa and to the Russian market.
    For both partners, investing in a cash counting center forms an interesting opportunity. For Cortex because they are very experienced and knowledgeable in this sector and they were looking for projects that would move them away from purely an advisory role. Media Security SRL was looking to partner with Cortex because Moldovan banks told them that they were willing to outsource their money counting if a company would be able to do this in a safe, transparent and professional way. Terwel facilitated this project by matchmaking and support the applications for funding.

    LED solutions

    LedNed and Reprolux were linked during a trade mission from Moldova to the Netherlands. Both companies were looking for ways to expand their business with new activities, in new markets, new locations and perhaps new products. Based on both companies’ activities in the building sector, and specifically the interior design and renovation projects, the two companies were eager to meet.
    It is interesting for both partners to have a facility in Europe where custom made LED solutions, based on custom design and unique lighting calculations, can be assembled. The demand for these products is very big. Moldova is considered a good location. For this country the LED industry is completely new. The product made in Moldova for the local market and for the entire European market has never been produced in this country before.
    The new company aims to produce 1650 LED fixtures in year 2, 9900 in year 3, 13500 in year 5. Three different products will be made: FlexilightPanel (F.L.P), Bulk & Parking Line Light (B&P), and Professional LightLine (LedLine).
    During this project, Terwel facilitated the process of matchmaking and funding application.