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    Terwel BV is a mediator for matching the Dutch private sector with companies in our focus countries.
    Identifying accurate business partners abroad is usually complicated and time consuming. Companies doubt whether the business partner that contacted them through the website or a conference is the best suitable partner for them. Terwel BV can support you in finding the most suitable business partner and in creating a sustainable and fruitful collaboration. In addition Terwel BV can assist your company in import, export and investments cases.

    Are you looking for distributors, suppliers, customers and other contacts? Terwel BV is your partner!
    Starting with a thorough intake, Terwel BV will identify your business needs and requirements which will be leading during our search for business partners. Terwel BV can facilitate meetings between your company and potential partners.
    Are you looking for specific contacts or are you traveling to either Moldova, Kosovo, Bolivia or The Netherlands and in need of expertise and support from the Terwel BV? Do not hesitate to contact us.