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    East Africa

    East Africa is a region with a profitable investment environment. Terwel has successfully advised Dutch SME’s in developing and implementing projects and executed project management in various sectors. The Terwel consultants are experienced in Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and South-Sudan. East Africa is an attractive destination for investment and business opportunities. The region has a rich variety of vegetation, ranging from woodlands and grasslands in the wetter regions to thorn bushes in semiarid areas. It is populated by 160 different ethnic groups or more, dispersed over the eastern countries like Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and others.

    Since 2000, six eastern states joined in a regional intergovernmental organization named East African Community (EAC). The organization has established a Common Market Protocol in 2010, which enabled the opportunity of creating a common market for goods, labor and capital with a market size of 147 million people. The expected economic growth of the partner states in 2016 is between 5 and 7 percent. In the next decade, the EAC has plans for launching a monetary union in order to construct a sustainable and growing economic unity in the region. With a GDP of approximately 147.5 billion USD, within the East African Community, creates several business opportunities.

    The strategic regional sectors with potential for investment are:
    – Mineral processing
    – Energy and waste
    – Healthcare
    – Water (opportunities in the provision of portable water, and waste treatment facilities)
    – Agriculture (accounting for 36% of GDP in the EAC community)
    – Industry and infrastructure

    Terwel consultants are able to identify investment opportunities in various sectors. Furthermore, we offer support in project proposal development, acquire necessary finance, conduct feasibility studies and project management for entrepreneurs interested in East Africa.