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    Emmanuelle Morin – Junior Project Manager

    Junior Project Manager

    Emmanuelle has a strong interest in business activities that promotes the development of sustainable agriculture. Open minded, flexible and committed to her work, she enjoys working in an international environment. Emmanuelle is currently finalizing her master in international Agribusiness at the Ecole Supérieure d’Agricultures in Angers (France).  She has also obtained this dual skill in agriculture and business sector trough valuable professional experiences in France, Croatia and Italy. Eager to take up new challenges, she joined Terwel BV in 2016.

    « Tout changement implique le changement de soi car si l’être humain ne change pas lui-même, il ne pourra changer durablement le monde dont il est le responsable. » Pierre Rabhi


    Marin Roscovan – Project Manager

    Project Manager

    Marin has been with Terwel Consuling since November 2013, with a focus on Eastern Europe namely Moldova. Since April 2014, Marin has moved to Moldova which is one of Terwel’s focus countries. On his job Marin demonstrated absolutely disciplined work habits which always resulted in productive and creative thinking as well as well-organized and persuasive argumentation. When bridging the gap between Dutch and Moldovan companies he combines thorough knowledge of his mother country and flexibility to connect to international companies. Marin has played a key role in successful collaborations between Moldovan and Dutch companies.

    Apart from his work at our company, Marin Roscovan is on his way to graduate with a Cum Laude degree the MSc program in Financial Economics at the Erasmus School of Economics, a distinction that only a handful of talented students manage to achieve. Apart from his impressive academic results, it is noteworthy to mention Marin’s bachelor degree thesis, where he estimated the amount of total, formal and informal, remittances coming to Moldova. His results showed that the actual number of remittances coming into the country is about twice as high as the official number registered.

    “Never continue in a job you don’t enjoy. If you’re happy in what you’re doing, you’ll like yourself, you’ll have inner peace. And if you have that…you will have had more success than you could possibly have imagined.”–Johnny Carson


    Dorin Rojnevschi – Project Manager

    Project Manager

    Dorin has been working for two years as a consultant of the Business Environmental Development Division of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of RM. Being always involved in business support activities and private sector development, as part of many International Projects, with the main scope of supporting SMEs, improve competitiveness,build private sector capacities, he posses clear understanding of the main processes and methods of work regarding private sector development activities for providing opportunities and support for ensuring a healthy business environment.
    Considering his economical background, Batchelor degree in Finance and Banking and Master degree in Economics, and the professional skills acquired during several trainings he has completed on WTO, Corporate Governance, Public Procurement, Management of Financial matters etc. which are consistently applied in work tasks, he will be able to assist with necessary competences for a successful fulfillment of the given tasks.
    Young and motivated, he is ready to dedicate time and efforts to contribute to the successful connection between businesses.

    “Don’t wait for things to happen, make them happen”


    Sergiu Harea – Moldova Manager

    Moldova Manager

    Sergiu Harea , an economist by profession, has over 10 years of experience in consultancy and business analysis; initiation, negotiation and implementation of international investment agreements, strategic policy for local companies, analysis of regional and global markets. His mother language is Romanian, while he is also perfectly speaking English and Russian (reading/ speaking / writing).
    He worked for the National Bank of Moldova, Directorate of internal operational control, and he was head of Public Finance and Economy Department of the Municipality of Chisinau.
    Between 2000-2014 he had the position of Head of Business Environment Development Division of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova. He was responsible for coordinating the cooperation with the central government authorities regarding economic development of the business sector, foreign investments attraction, international trade, trade facilitation, improvement of the legal frameworks regarding entrepreneurial activity, identifying and development of many regional, national and international projects for strengthening public-private dialog, business advising, enhancing competiveness, investment promotion, support in trade policies development with WTO, CEFTA, CIS, EU.
    Sergiu Harea participated in multiple forums, roundtables, conferences, local, regional and international workshops, with presentations on economic topics. He is author of several thematic articles published in specialized magazines and newspapers.
    Sergiu HAREA was born on 21 of december 1970 and is currently living in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. He works for Terwel since February 2016.


    Gerardo Polo – Project Officer Latin America

    Project Officer

    Gerardo has been promoting and managing several productive and development projects for Bolivian and International private companies. He with the private companies in the areas of economic development, project planning, strategic financing, finance management, lobbying, monitoring, fund raising, risks administration, as well as administration, with MBA and applying to the PhD program in Economics at UCB.

    Gerardo has a wide experience in International Cooperation Agencies like the United Nations (New York), UNFPA, UNIFEM, FAO-UNDP, USAID, Census Bureau, New Mexico State University and the IFC of the World Bank in Bolivia.

    Gerardo upholds high ethical values while negotiating and doing business regarding social and economic justice, fight against poverty, charity and humanitarian support.

     “Outstanding and remarkable Economic Development in emerging economies, is possible by designing and working on a fair development strategy”


    Paola Morales – Project Officer Latin America

    Project Officer

    Paola knows her country Bolivia and South America have much to develop in different areas such as agriculture, recycling, renewable energy, technology, etc. She is aware of the economic, political and social situations in the region, whereby she has a big interest in how South America develops economically. Paola is Bolivian, has lived in different South American countries, allowing her to have a broad knowledge of different cultures in the region. She also has extensive notion of the European culture by family ties. As a professional she has extensive experience as a lawyer in administrative law and hydrocarbons. Her passion is to promote development in the region for the benefit of all.

    “We can change the world for the better simply by changing ourselves for the better.”    Karen Berg