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    Central team

    Annemarie de Haan – Senior Project Manager

    Senior Project Manager

    Annemarie has a great interest for cultures, with a special passion for Latin America. Over the years she has been working with organisations and companies that had the drive to improve the lives of people worldwide. Not only were these projects concrete,  but also in cooperation with creative people.  This has been motivating her since she started working for Terwel Business Development Amsterdam in 2011.

    “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” (Rumi)


    Cristian van Pruissen – Senior Project Manager

    Senior Project Manager

    Cristian is flexible and service oriented and will help you find creative and effective solutions during the different stages of implementing your business activities, to enable successful completion of your project. A special focus and motivation for him is to create Social Return on Investment and encourage Corporate Social Responsibility activities.

    Cristian has worked for Terwel as Business Consultant since January 2013. He has successfully assisted Terwel’s clients, in both the private and public sector. Cristan helped them, in close cooperation, developing business plans, obtaining funding, conducting feasibility studies and advising on the implementation of projects. Mainly in the regions of Eastern Europe.


    “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”


    Michel Beekwilder – Co-Director


    Michel is a curious, creative and resourceful person with a professional focus on financials. General common sense is often used in his business analyses. Michel always aims for clear role definitions within any cooperation. With working experience in Ethiopia and several South East Asian countries, combined with entrepreneurial mind , Michel enjoys supporting any enthusiastic entrepreneur looking at opportunities in developing countries.

    Michel is co-owner of The Organic Village and works for Terwel. He graduated from the University in Amsterdam on Business Administration with a focus on the financial sector, and development economics. Michel started his career as a consultant for Ernst & Young, moved then in to the NGO sector and previously worked for one of the main development aid agencies in the Netherlands.


    Dirk Terwel – Director


    Dirk is a person with a natural curiosity for new ideas and deeper knowledge.
    Especially the niche of developing new business in emerging markets together with local partners is something he gets excited about. Ideas, business, development; it is all about engaging one another and that that it what is motivating him.

    Dirk is the founder of Terwel BV, owner of Nablus Soap BV and co-owner of The Organic Village. In the past Dirk has been working for NGOs and later on companies in several countries like Afghanistan and Moldova. Dirk obtained his master’s degree in war studies and in economic geography.

    “Engaging one another is making the world a different place”