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    Here are some of the projects Terwel conducted in Bolivia.

    Maintenance, modification and training center for modern trucks suitable for off-road

    The Dutch company Schuilenga Houthandel and the Bolivian company Empresa de Transportes HyM want to improve stable supply of FSC certified wood from Bolivia to Europe. This is stagnating due to several logistic problems, like difficult roads and weather conditions. As a result it is difficult to be operational all year round. An obstacle that many companies in the transport sector in Bolivia encounter.

    In order to overcome these obstacles the two partners concluded that, besides good equipment, quality training for the staff of Empresa de Transportes HyM is required. There are no service companies available that can handle modern trucks and as there no institution in Bolivia which offers training in the field of modern truck maintenance, the partners came up with a plan to fill this gap.

    A workshop is erected where trainings are provided to more companies in the heavy load transport sector.

    This will strengthen the competitiveness of independent workshops in Bolivia and therefore preserves jobs, particularly in rural areas.

    “We have started a project focusing on the availability of adjusted modern trucks and the training of the drivers and mechanics. With the here presented project we want to cover the problem of limited mechanical services. With the training workshop we are offering accessible courses to mechanics, mechanic workshops and drivers”.

    Terwel managed to leverage the partners funding resources via the German Developpp program.