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    About us

    About us

    Terwel BV is a consultancy company that supports the Dutch private sector with their activities in Bolivia, Moldova and Kosovo. In these countries we have extensive entrepreneurial experience, relevant local knowledge and an elaborate network which we provide to our clients to become succesful. We enable business and conduct complex project management.
    Our activities in a few dots:

    • Sustainable entrepreneurship in emerging markets.
    • Collaborations between local entrepreneurs and the Dutch private sector.
    • Business opportunities for Dutch companies.
    • Sustainable and equitable economic development worldwide.

    The Organic Village

    Besides our consultancy, Terwel holding invests in Moldova and Nepal. Sister company The Organic Village is active in the organic sector. This company is sourcing and processing organic commodities in cooperation with local farmers. In Moldova The Organic Village has set up a storage facility for grains, seeds and pulses and is helping farmers to switch to organic. In Nepal The Organic Village sources organic ginger, turmeric and other herbs and spices, and is building a processing facility for drying of spices. From both countries commodities are exported to the EU. Terwel’s consultants are supporting development of The Organic Village and have first hand experience from working directly in this business.