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    Sustainable entrepreneurship in emerging countries 

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    We envision a world where economic opportunity reaches everyone. The connection between the Dutch and emerging markets is strong. SMEs in emerging markets have acces to the opportunities globalisation brings and generate sustainable economic growth. This growth lays the foundation for an inclusive society with equal opportunities for every individual.

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    We connect entrepreneurs worldwide to promote equitable economic growth. We build bridges between local SMEs and the Dutch private sector. We fully engage in local markets through our local offices in emerging markets. We provide local SMEs access to the global market, international finance, relevant (international) know-how and international partnerships.

    What we do


    We Invest

    We have been investing in emerging markets for almost a decade and we have taken the lead or have been the partner in establishing long-term and sustainable ventures. The ventures we work with are not able to access appropriate commercial financing for the construction or expansion of the company. We invest in these businesses and play an active role as shareholder. As a result these companies become more viable and have better perspective on further growth.

    We Enable Investments

    We Enable Investments

    For almost ten years we have been at the forefront of promoting investments in emerging markets. We gained experience in working with an array of sustainable local and Dutch Small and Medium sized Enterprises. Most of these companies were looking for partners and/or additional finances to start or expand their business. Our large and diverse business network in the Netherlands as well as in emerging markets, enables us to connect and engage organisations and companies to invest.

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    Business Hubs

    We set up Business Hubs in emerging markets. There is an important role to play for the Dutch private sector in promoting sustainable economic development in emerging economies. Dutch businesses could partly fulfil this need. Unfortunately the Dutch private sector seems to fail to seize these market opportunities. The idea persist that the risks are too high and the local situation is too unstable to be able to do serious business.

    Our focus countries


    Bolivia is a small open economy located in South America. It is a landlocked stated bordering with Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru. Bolivia is a resource rich country with strong growth attributed to captive markets for natural gas exports.



    Kosovo is a small landlocked state in Southeast Europe. It borders with Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro and Serbia. Kosovo’s authorities and enterprising communities were able to kick-start an economic recovery in the years following the 1999 conflict.



    Moldova is a landlocked state in Eastern Europe. It borders with Romania and Ukraine. With a moderate climate and good farmland, Moldova’s economy relies heavily on its agriculture sector, featuring fruits, vegetables, wine, and tobacco.

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